Self Improvement
One on One 


  1. You  will get a clear vision of what you want from your life, your business, your relationships and your world.

  2. You will recognize your strengths and weaknesses as you incorporate an understanding of them into your career/personal life plans.

  3. You will set and achieve attainable goals to get what you want most in life.

  4. You will enhance your thinking and decision making skills.

  5. You will develop strategies for creating balance in the mist of chaos.

  6. You will create a life that not only works, but brings contentment, balance and joy.

Couples and Family Guidance Coaching

Now is the Perfect  time to  strengthen your  relationships while mastering the art of  positive loving communication skills . In the process of your journey,  awaken new passions and  discover  new creative ideas to ignite the fire  and deepen the friendship connection  of your relationship. Why wait?  Your relationship Is worth the investment! Enjoy that  positive and deeper respect and connection  you have  been longing for.  


Family Addiction Support Coaching

As your coach I provide and  create a safe and nurturing environment to talk out struggles and your pain  and coach you through the process of learning how to care for yourself without feeling guilty for the necessary separation you will need to create from your close family member or friend who struggles with their addiction problems. You will learn how to be strong, firm and decisive in your wording and actions to stop enabling their behaviors to not only protect them, but also to protect yourself from the damage they have caused to you and  your life .. I will help you  to set the necessary   goals and realistic boundaries for yourself so that you will actually be able to follow through with and enjoy implementing while still continuing with  those relationship in a positive empowering way.

Spiritual Coaching with Reiki 

Discover how  to align your spiritual life to your outer life, helping you to allow your true authentic self to shine through and start living the life you were meant to live.
Learn the art of meditation,  and to  release the negative energy  and discover  positive new life skills to   improve your overall wellness and spiritual growth. Create attainable goals and fire your inner Strengthen the relationships in your life and discover your soul purpose so you can design a life that brings you the joy and fulfillment you deserve. 


The Perfect Path Life Coaching